Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Life Reviews--The New Reality TV

At the Seattle IANDS pre-meeting event, about a dozen people gathered to listen to an audio tape recorded at the national IANDS convention. A man shared the story of his near-death experience, which included a massive life review.

More and more I hear the NDErs who experience life reviews (not all of them do) talk about how they not only relived at warp speed everything they did or thought during their life, but they literally felt other people’s responses to whatever they did or said!

So, if you messed big time with someone’s mind and got your short-term gain from being a jerk, you not only get to see it during your life review, but you get to feel everything your victim felt. What goes around comes around.


For those scientists and skeptics who postulate that the human brain makes all this NDE stuff up, you’ve just gotta wonder. Why would the human brain create a life review at the point of imminent death but not do this at any other time during waking consciousness--such as while watching FEAR FACTOR?

“Tonight on FEAR FACTOR you’re going to have a life review…”

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! Noooooooooo!!

“Can you face what you’ve done with your thoughts and deeds toward humanity? We’re all one, you know…”

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! Noooooooooo!!

The speaker on the tape was not so glib about it as I am. He found himself in a hellish state as he felt all the pain he had caused.

Of course, not having had an NDE, I can only experience this with my creative mind, imagining what it would be like. But it makes me think that if we all get similar life reviews, then our whole media culture--inclusive of organized religion--has got a long way to go. After all, we’re mostly taught to skewer people, aren’t we?

Talk about reality TV!


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