Tuesday, January 17, 2006

California Launches Another Soul Outta Here

Does anybody ever wonder (as I do) if when a state executes somebody, they really vanish? We can clearly kill their bodies, but do our execution procedures really do what we think they do?

What If Death Doesn't Truly Kill Us?

Here is yet another case where it would be very useful to know what the real nature of death is. What if death is not termination, but transformation?

Would it not fit as a fundamental in the issue if we knew that in death we change form rather than wholly self-destruct?

Thursday, January 12, 2006

My Perpetual Question Returns

So I am back at it again, wondering this: why can NASA spend $168.4 million dollars on a dust-gathering satelllite in an attempt to study the origins of physical space...yet we as a society aren;t willing to cough up serious research into near-death experiences?

Stardust brings home 'cosmic booty' talks about the space probe Stardust. I think it;s great. I have always been a fan of the space program.

However, I'd also like to research the origins of life by investigating the experiences of those people who have left their bodies and experienced wondrous worlds in other dimensions while their bodies flatlined.