Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Abortion and Woo-Woo

Well, here we go again. It looks as if abortion is going to be an issue in the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts and his lovely wife, Jane.

Here again I cry out, yelping throughout Blogland for all to hear (and ignore). Wouldn't the whole debate about abortion be summarily altered if we bothered to investigate the nature of death instead of rely on religious speculation?

Many near-death experiencers indicate that there is consciousness before birth and consciousness after death. But do we throw any of that into the national debate? Noooo.

But what can you do? We're being manipulated by giant lizards.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Minding Your Media Diet

Here is an article from the New York Times on The Decline and Fall of Journalists on Film. It's about how we see more sleazeball journalists than heroes in this era's movies.

One of the major issues that strikes me in studying near-death experiences is how NDEs—and most inportant, the implications of NDEs—are rarely covered in the news. Since these events are so seldom covered, NDEs are not prominently placed in the media spotlight. Death is, but surviving death is not. As a result, this powerful window into an expanded view of reality just doesn't get much exposure. What we're left with is what we get—a steady stream of, well, life's shit.

While there's no metaphysical content in the NYT story, there is a subtext issue about how the news serves the people less and less.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Free NDE Ebook

Here is a link to Nothing Better Than Death, a free ebook by Kevin Williams. Kevin is the astute webmaster of, and this book is a comprehensive analysis of the NDEs profiled on his site.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

More on Giant Lizards

Speaking of giant lizards (see next entry)…

I continue to ponder the whole conspiracy theory that humanity is being enslaved by an alien superpower through a diabolical plan of inbreeding with humans—and has been boinking us for centuries.

While I mostly think of it as a trite science fiction plot, I do love looking at it from a content analysis viewpoint.

The main reason why my buy-in is not immediately likely is that conspiracy theories of life forms enslaving our planet are so philosophically human. We’re projecting into reptilian aliens what we would do to some other poor schmuck of a planet if we had half a chance. Say that we discovered some other oil rich planet inhabited by a race of peace-loving beings and that we were technologically skilled enough to get there with a fleet of flying oil tankers. Would we the corporate nation try to steal their oil and enslave their people?

I see people salivating just at the thought.

One problem I have always had with futuristic science fiction movies like Star Trek is that no matter how technologically advanced the people get through the centuries, they’re still playing bang-bang, you’re dead! They can travel at warp speed but they can’t master street violence. I absolutely do not buy the argument that violence is human nature. It is conditioned nature.

So I find it hard to believe that there is a race of people advanced enough to enslave a planet who would really want to enslave a planet. If they had advanced enough to control a place, couldn’t they take a more creative approach to solving their problems than what amounts to interplanetary child abuse?

What I have so far found lacking in the material (and admittedly I have not gone very deep into it) is corroboration from the near-death experience literature. While it’s fairly common to read accounts about people who took space voyages while out of their bodies during an NDE or an OBE, and while it is also common to hear about people who have seen into the future, I have not heard anyone talk about this reptilian conquest of our planet.

The NDE phenomenon intrigued me because even though experiences are different, meaning that they are very subjective, there seems to be a big picture consistency to the accounts. But I have not read anything where some loving being of light said, “There’s a reptilian race attempting to enslave your planet. Don’t pay them any mind.”

My next big question about these giant lizards is this—are they bound by the same law of karma as we are? If they are, then they are piling on a huge cartload of karmic baggage. You just don’t enslave people and get off free.

Then, of course, I would want to know if the reptilian beings die, and if so, what happens to them when they do? Do they come under the visage of the same God we do? Are they supposed to be evolving into beings of light, too? Do they have souls? Do they have their own angels? Blah, blah, blah.

If you let your imagination run wild, which is one of my specialties, you can create some intriguing parallels here. As people make up scary stories about how some superior race could make monkeys out of us mere humans, it seems no different than how we breed animals to serve our needs. An enslaving reptilian race would give us the opportunity to experience how our big companies treat cattle, hogs, chickens, turkeys, etc by giving us the treatment we give. From all the stories I hear about people and their jobs, it sounds as if most of us are pretty enslaved already. How many of us have the opportunity to do work that we can unequivocally say is healthy to humanity and to the planet? How many of can say we know that what we do is done with the highest integrity?

It seems to me as if we project into the reptilian aliens those qualities we hate (and probably deny seeing) in ourselves and in our own society.

I have often wondered about the design of nature here on this planet where most of nature is involved in a constant feeding frenzy. Eat, eat, eat. I suppose in some grand picture it is fair and just, but I feel sorry for salmon, say, who are returning home to spawn. The whole trip is an amazing odyssey, and what happens to them? Bears. Waterfalls. Humans. Maybe even giant lizards.

We take for granted that we are on top of the food chain, but maybe that’s just here on this planet. Maybe in a bigger scheme, we are someone else’s salmon.

To me the giant lizard story is the whole Satan myth rewritten for a different audience. We wear the white hats and the giant lizards wear the black hats—er, black horns.

It is easy to see, however, how enslaved we already are and how corporate entities continue to gain power over the people. Whether that enslavement smells of lizard breath is another story.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Giant Lizards

I don’t like to put much energy into conspiracy theories. I don’t like swimming in negativity. So I don’t get too excited in a deathly shuddering way over conspiracy theories about alien reptilian races enslaving humanity.

Some people think that George Bush and most of his merry men and women in the ruling elite are humans who’ve been bred with naughty alien reptilians. They’ve got “bad guy” in their blood and want to turn us all into Wal-Mart workers (well, kinda.)

To me this is woo-wooier than near-death experiences and out-of-body experiences. Yet while I don’t see the big picture that the conspiracy theorists do, I don’t dismiss it all out of hand. I play a game of “what if?” with it.

For years I have watched at the media culture and noticed that you have to be pretty selective to find anything emotionally healthy on TV. So much of our entertainment and infotainment is aimed at stirring up emotional roller coasters. Part of that is built into the formula for creating high ratings.

While it stretches my imagination to think that some giant lizard from another planet is controlling our media diet, it does seem that there is an artificial dumbing down going on. And whatever its ancestral origin may be, the dark media cloud ever hovers over our cable TV systems.

Does corporate control over the national if not global mind set have any purpose beyond breeding customer loyalty for higher profit yield?

I have found that I am a much happier soul if I don’t watch mind-numbing TV, don’t eat junk food, and don’t participate in gossiping and bickering with anybody if I can get away with it. It’s as if the weather above my head clears from the storms of chaos when I mind my mental diet.

I have found that if I go into a place like Blockbuster or Safeway and get the usual “did you find everything you were looking for?” drill I feel a lot more like an object than a person. I also pity the person whose paycheck depends on him or her talking like a robot.

No wonder we are finding it easier to get more irate with people. At an astonishing rate we are becoming much less human toward one another and much more robotic.

Is this part of some diabolical Master Plan? Can Mighty Mouse save the day?

Politics is another big area of conflict and strife in our world. The political machine seems diabolically incapable of handling so many of our world problems. If George Bush really did legitimately win the last election--without the help of rigged voting machines and whatever else—then I deeply wonder why. It almost seems logical that giant lizards are running things if the current state of US affairs is anybody’s true idea of national greatness.

I have a pet theory that had many applications. It is that one company or organization can control both sides of an issue. For instance, if you were running Fox News, you could make a whole bunch of money preaching to the choir as your spewed spittle at the enemy, which in this case would be liberals. Then you could make another fortune under a wholly owned subsidiary by attacking your Fox News. You could sell a zillion pamphlets, books, air time, whatever, doing the anti-Fox campaign.

I wouldn’t be shocked to find out that something like that was actually going on, selling the illusion of the fight between the political factions when actually the whole show was being run by one smoke-and-mirrors entity behind the curtain. I came to that conclusion the first time I heard the pro-liberal radio station and found that it sounded way too much like the right-wing rhetoric. It all made me nauseous.

So even if I don’t believe in giant lizards (yet), the issues that the conspiracy theorists bring up about how our society shows its lack side nonetheless fascinate me. That for me is the stuff to watch.

If we don’t have a good health care system, is it because the giant lizards won’t let us have one? Or is it just that we let the corporate entities create the current mess? Whether it’s a giant lizard or a gargantuan corporation, we still have the mess.